Wood Furniture Studio

Youth Connect is very excited to announce a new initiative, a for-profit wood furniture studio.  This initiative is through the Canadian humanitarian group, Global Neighbors. Youth Connect will be acting in assistance to place our apprentices into full time work.   The project will kick off in early September and be able to accept orders in October.

The studio would have one full time master furniture maker and three apprentices. The master furniture maker would oversee production of orders and the professional development of apprentices.  This position is on contract for one year. In order to act as a successful training center it is necessary to hire a master furniture maker with a lot of experience, skill and ability to train youth.  After one year the salaries will no longer be subsidized and the business must be self sustaining. At this point apprentices should be able to become full time employees if the business is successful enough to provide for salaries.

The studio will be able to provide for 3 -5 full time positions for young adults who successfully finish the Youth Connect apprenticeship training course.  Please stay tuned for updates and developments about the furniture studio.