YCF Director

Mickey believes Youth Connect Foundation is a great organization to work for because we impact the lives of young people and their families.  We work as a team to make a difference in people’s lives.  The training we do with young people in Mae Sot begins with ideas which we then use to spring into skill development and the process of critical thinking.

The former director and founder of Youth Connect, Patrick Kearns, when asked why he works in Mae Sot on this project said:

“I’m not a political person. I’m here to work with young adults. I’m here because it’s a wonderful work environment. The creative possibilities to make things happen and the talent and the personality of the kids we work with – I’ve just never experienced anything like it,” he said. “I’m here because I like when you see them start to discover who they can be.”

I am here for these same reasons.  Watching young people go through the cycles of our programs and grow along the way is exciting stuff and seeing them transition into careers after our program with an evolved sense of self-confidence and purpose is an endeavor I am proud to steer.